Ma'am Paz! :(

Sunday, August 30, 2009
One thing you'll learn in life,
Is not to waste emotion,
On things you cannot change.
You can either waste your tears,
Because she's gone.
Or you can smile to the fact,
that she ever lived.

So mourn and grieve now,
For a cold, lifeless body.
But what matter most,
Was that person who once lived.
Who taught us about immortality,
At the west of the Nile.
We were all blessed to know you,
If only for a little while.

Alam kong bitin yung poem.
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Saturday, August 29, 2009
Here are the list of your sizes! Yung may angal, sabihin kaagad. I won't be able to entertain you guys after 12PM, okay?

- Bernardo
- Cuesta

- Beleran
- Deximo
- Dungo
- Tan
- Granada

MEDIUM + Small (guys)
- Dacalos
- Labalan
- Severino
- Cabanto
- Calubad
- Dy Echo
- Preclaro
- Villacruel

- Austria
- Cabauatan
- Calabia
- Ecat
- Ples
- Ragudo
- Salcedo

Large (guys) + Patty
- Adre
- Bautista
- Jamon
- Sarmiento

Extra Sizes (we bought another set for these guys. XD Masyadong maliit yung nabili na XL for them. :| )
- Albao
- Dizon
- Villanueva
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Friday, August 28, 2009
Hay nako...

- Probset on Tuesday!
- Longtest on Thursday!

- Nomenclature
- Predicting products
- Redux Reaction Balancing

- Continuation of the quiz-bee styled game.
- Read your book and handouts, people!

- 2 RRL sources due on Wednesday, September 2
- Long brown envelopes to those who haven't submitted yet, like me.

- Written report due on Wednesday, September 2
- Next reporters: Dy Echo and Tan

This is short. @_@
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Shirt Updates

Friday, August 28, 2009
David here. At around 5:15, Dom, Chari, Yvanne, Jethro and I all took a ride on one small tricycle to trinoma. From there, Dom and Chari hiked over to SM north and the remaining three entered trinoma. Purpose: find cheap black shirts for printing.

We (me, jethro, yvanne) found some cheap black shirts of good quality. problem is, they don't have much stock. we got the lady's number and told her we'd text the sizes and numbers.

current options:

a. if the landmark lady texts back saying they have enough shirts in stock, then someone has to go to trinoma tomorrow to pay for them and pick them up. the money is with micah, and the design is with one of the creative team members. then there's the matter of finding the printer.

b. yvanne is looking for shirts too. problem is, we don't know when we'll get them, and they don't know a printer. yet.

c. candy found a printer but they charge 600. so she's looking for more.

d. i'm going to look around with my parents too. they said there are probably some around where the printers are also the ones to supply the shirts.

we have options. but none of them are sure.

to be honest, it doesn't seem like the shirt will make it to the opening of intrams. we don't even have all the payments yet.

if you guys can offer any help, that would be very appreciated.
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Because Candy Can't Be Online Today

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Hey guys. David here. We all did such a fantastic job with the Math LT. As a reward, we have Physics and Chem homework. T_T :((

PHYSICS – p.109

#55 – (II) A roller coaster reaches the top of the steepest hill with a speed of 6.0 km/h. It then descends the hill, which is at an average angle of 45 degrees and is 45.0m long. What will its speed be when it reaches the bottom? Assume friction coefficient = 0.12.

#56 – (II) An 18.0-kg box is released on a 37.0 degree incline and accelerates down the incline at 0.270 m/s2. Find the friction force impeding its motion. How large is the coefficient of friction?

#60 – (III) The 70-kg climber is supported in the "chimney" by the friction forces exerted on his shoes and back. The static coefficients of friction between his shoes and the wall, and between his back and the wall, are 0.80 and 0.60, respectively. What is the minimum normal force he must exert? Assume the walls are vertical and that friction forces are both at a maximum. (I know, wth)


Use Ion-Electron method to balance this equation:
HClO2 --> ClO2+ Cl-

Meron daw Math LT retake. Dunno when that is though. Details are vague. Will update when I’ve texted Ma’am Kiel.

PAYMENT FOR SHIRTS: Magbayad na bukas dahil Friday gigimmick na ang officers para maghanap ng shirts at printer. Split into teams. The team that finds the cheapest shirt wins points (which of course do not count toward the regular prize).

SATURDAY PRACTICE: Di pa ‘to sure. Pero magtanong-tanong na rin, just in case. We’re pushing for the venue to be Pisay.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Costs announced: Printing is 100+. A good quality shirt is around 150. So we're capping the payment at 300 PESOS.

Candy and Micah will start collecting fees tomorrow.

And officers...gimmick tayo \:D/ kailangan maghanap ng shirts and printer... :)) No, iniisip ko pa kung saan. Usap tayo bukas :p
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CS Car Program

Tuesday, August 25, 2009
The java program Sir Paolo typed up during our CS period today. I was trying so hard not to use "kanina".

I still don't understand why he also sent Chester a copy. :-j

import java.util.*;

public class Car2 {

int position_x;
int position_y;
String direction = "up";

public void moveForward(int amount) {
if(direction == "up"){
position_y = position_y + amount;
} else if(direction == "right") {
position_x = position_x + amount;
} else if(direction == "down") {
position_y = position_y - amount;
} else if(direction == "left") {
position_x = position_x - amount;

public void moveBackward(int amount) {
if(direction == "up"){
position_y = position_y - amount;
} else if(direction == "right") {
position_x = position_x - amount;
} else if(direction == "down") {
position_y = position_y + amount;
} else if(direction == "left") {
position_x = position_x + amount;

public void turnRight(){
if(direction == "up"){
direction = "right";
} else if(direction == "right") {
direction = "down";
} else if(direction == "down") {
direction = "left";
} else if(direction == "left") {
direction = "up";

public void turnLeft(){
if(direction == "up"){
direction = "left";
} else if(direction == "right") {
direction = "up";
} else if(direction == "down") {
direction = "right";
} else if(direction == "left") {
direction = "down";

public double getDisplacement(){
double displacement = (position_x * position_x) + (position_y * position_y);
return Math.sqrt(displacement);
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Monday, August 24, 2009
So, we had a meeting for the class shirt today. In my opinion, it went pretty well, since we did get SOMETHING done :)) Leave comments about how you think the meetings can be improved. Polite comments, mind you - Candy's gone berserk about codenames :>

We are going to have: a class shirt.
We are not going to have: a class jersey.
We will instead have: a House jersey (bahala na ung mga pare natin sa fourth year)

Our shirt's main color is: Black.
Our shirt's secondary color/s is/are: Silver (1st choice), Gold (2nd choice)
Our shirt's design will be something like:

Name rhymes as text in front, around four lines. Check the blog post about name rhymes and change yours while you can.

A logo to be drawn up by the Creative Team at the back.

Payment mode: KKB (if you still don't know, it means Kanya-kanyang bayad)
Production mode: papagawa (sayang ung strontium shirt bonding day) :(

Due date for logo: Thursday - Friday. CREATIVE TEAM, please get to it...
Release: Sometime next week, before intrams.

You will be informed of the cost as soon as the details are in place.


Last-er note: BROWNIE POINTS. Be good little cherubs and whisper of your classmates' good deeds, so that they can get the rewards they deserve in the end :p

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Get to Know Your Tutors

Saturday, August 22, 2009
Because I'm willing to bet you've already lost your directory.

Physics - Abednego Adre. ym: "flamelinker" no cp.

Bio/Eng - David Ples. ym: "soul_geyser" cp: 09062720141

Math - Elihu Sarmiento. ym: "elihusarmiento" no cp.

ComSci - Candy Dacalos. ym: "sentimental_keropi" cp withheld.

SocSci - Patty Bonifacio. ym: "i07_shs" cp: 09179752916

Chem - Domz Albao. ym: "domalb2007" cp: 09165411589

This entry is directed specifically at JI. Stop asking me so many questions. Joke.

May STR tutor ba??? XD
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just dance.. :>

Thursday, August 20, 2009
okay!! so kanina, i had a meeting with Lithium people and other people regarding sa opening number natin sa intrams.. :D

so para mabilis, eto ung napiling songs.. :>

1. Patron Tequila
2. Just Dace
3. Past That Dutch
4. Get Down
5. Bye Bye Bye
6. Circus

so, madaming napagpiliang songs (hindi ko na imemention sa sobrang dami :P), but eto ung mga "napili" (weew dami noh??!!)... Binky Buensuceso will mix the songs then si Hideo Enomoto ung sa choreo :D hindi pa daw sure na lahat yan gagamitin kaya wag muna kau magfreak-out.. :))

so that's all!! good weekend!!! :"> yvannneeeeee.....

P.S. search nyo na lang sa net if you don't know the songs.. ^^
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Long weekend! [Updated, 22 August, 10:13AM]

Thursday, August 20, 2009
Not yet home, so I'm using my mom's phone to type this up. Excited, eh. XD

- Quiz on Monday about... the things we discussed. :>
- Capsule proposal due on Monday, August 24.

I. Title of Project
II. Real-life Problem
III. Proposed Solution
IV. Specifications (bullet form)
V. Significance of the Study
VI. Theoretical Framework
VII. Bibliography

1-2 pages, not necessarily double spaced.

Place at the top of the page:
Sr-XX (group code)
1. Member 1
2. Member 2
3. Member 3

- Bonus work, due on Monday, is now available for download at the Bio site. It would help in reviewing for the LT.
- Long test on Monday, August 24.

- Dungo and Calabia are next in line for reporting.
- Written report is due on Friday, August 28.
- Work on your original stories. :> Porket matagal pa yung deadline...

- Read on 3-5 to 3-7 of your book. :>
- Giancolli, 5th Ed

21.)(II) A fire hose held near the ground shoots water at a speed of 6.5 m/s. At what angle(s) should the nozzle point in order that the water land 2.0 m away? Why are there two different angles?

27.)(II) A ball thrown horizontally at 22.2 m/s from the roof of a building lands 36.0 m from the base of the building. How high is the building?

31.)(II) The pilot of an airplane traveling 160 km/h wants to drop supplies to flood victims isolated on a patch of land 160 m below. The supplies should be dropped how many seconds before the plane is directly overhead?

34.)(II) A projectile is fired with an initial speed of 40.0 m/s. Plot on graph paper its trajectory for initial projection angles of θ = 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, and 90°. Plot at least 10 points for each curve.

35.)(II) A projectile is fired with an initial speed of 75.2 m/s at an angle of 34.5° above the horizontal on a long flat firing range. Determine (a) the maximum height reached by the projectile, (b) the total time in the air, (c) the total horizontal distance covered (that is, the range), and (d) the velocity of the projectile 1.50s after firing.

- Longtest about Polynomial Functions and Rational Functions on Tuesday, August 25.

- Standby for Yvanne's post. Apparently, there are five/six songs that we are going to dance to. D:

- Write the Redux thing for Al + Fe2O3 --> Al2O3 + Fe

- Analects of Confucius group task.
- Summarize your assigned chapters into three to seven sentences. Reports are to be done by your respective room monitors.
- Prepare a short skit that shows how your chapter is applied in real life.

- Longtest about Egypt and... others on Tuesday, August 25.
- Notes can be found on Ma'am Paz's site.
- Or you can download most of the files here with what PPB (no space, lowercase) stands for in Strontium. Hi, Noel, Terence and Nars! :-"

- Take home perio!

Answer the first two numbers. Then choose two items from numbers 3 to 5 and answer it. You have to answer each number with a minimum of 10 sentences. Each number is worth 20 points.

1. Which among the four (4) characteristics of a loving person can you omit in a person whom you will have a relationship with. Justify. (I won’t accept none of the 4 characteristics as an answer. You should choose one.)

2. Among the items in the social skills which of the following is very important for you in order to easily build a healthy relationship with others. Justify your answer.

3. If you will have to date during the prom how will you treat him/her the whole night so that both of you will have a great night? (Bonus: Who do you want to be your date during the prom? It should be from batch 2010 or 2011 only)

4. What is your dream date? (Be sure to take note of the dating skills and guidelines) Describe how and where will you spend your time with your date (Bonus: If you will give the name of the person… it should be a student from PSHS-MC)

5. Among the items in the respect checklist below give two items you can omit on the person you will be dating. Justiify your answer.

Note: This exam is due on Monday, August 24, 2009 till 12:00 noon only at the gym. Write your answers on intermediate pad. Fold your paper into two (crosswise) and staple the three sides so no one can read your answers especially on the bonus items. (hehehehe) You may also email your answers at till 11:59 pm, August 23, 2009 (file name: health3-sectionclassnumber, ex. health3-Sr30)

- Release of Class Standings is on August 26, Wednesday!
- Brownie points are being collected, you know. :-" Although hindi masyadong strict about it.
- Sr Shirt! A poll has opened!
- INTRAMS! Come on, people. Go grab your adrenaline rush and sign up for the sports.
- Yung jersey, pwedeng KKB nalang.
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Because I can't function without it on vacations...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
I'm making a HW list. :-"
And pwede rin, especially for Chester R.
And there's an apology coming later. :>

- Capsule Proposal due on Monday, August 24!
- Since we have STR tomorrow, I guess the topic list is due tomorrow.
- Create a list of topics and categorize then into (a) What you want your readers to know, and (b) What we need to know.
- State the kind of information.

- Read on ChinLit, the Analects of Confucius.
- I'm not sure kung may quiz.

- Longtest on Monday, August 24!
- Vector HW!
- Find the resultant of the following vectors using the polygon method (front page) and the parallelogram method (back page). USE THE WHOLE PAGE. :D
FA = 140N, 65°
FB = 90N, 40° S of W
FC = 70.0N, -10°

R = A + B - C (polygon method, front page)
R = A - B + C (parallelogram method, back page)

- Work on your story na. :>
- Written report is due on Friday, August 28!

- Review on the Rational Functions Bingo
- Longtest on Tuesday, August 25!

- Longtest on Tuesday, August 25!
- The handout on Egypt is now available on the SS site. There's an RSS feed down there, scroll down.

- Long test on Monday, August 24!
- Anyone who has an idea about our Labrep for the Pig's Heart?

PE yes, PE!
- ashjgwei. Since Sir Rojas left us, aww, his five sections will be presenting an opening dance number on September 4. Yes, all five sections. We need to pick and send off to hell one representative from the class to help in the choreography.
- But first, of course, we need to pick a song.
- Brownie points, people. :> :> :>

- We just had a long test. Come off it.
- Hi, Domz.

Other Stuff
- Release ng Class Standings sa August 26!
- Strontium shiiiiiirt. It's now progressing!

- Pati yung brownie points system, progressing na rin!

- Meh, about the locker. :))

- The siiiite. Can you see why I'm still biased towards this layout? :)) We had a comment spam on the entries. :-" You can't do that in the old layout. XDDD
- Pero since it won in the votes, I shall revert it sometime. :-"

- A bug just entered through my window. DDD:

- Laab! Yes I know, tatatlo lang tayo, and two of you are dormers, so para sakin lang to, XDDDD. Bring clothes tomorrow, kasi Wednesday sched. Malay mo, makuha pa natin yung field. ;;) ;;) Hi, Labuyo :-j
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THE SHIRT! *drumroll, please*

Monday, August 17, 2009
Heyy, Strontiumlettes. :">

It’s my first time to post. How exciting.
Okay, let’s get into the drama. (That's my new thing. HAHAH.)

STRONTIUM SHIRT: Customized like whoa! HAHA. Kay, so. Each person’s shirt will have their own rhyme + name on the front, then logo + superstrontium (I think) on the back.

Props to: The Creative Team! (Claud + Reg + Enzo + Patty + Ancer) + Alla + Jethro. And David + Candy who never stopped making kulit / reminding people about the design! =D> *insert applause here*

Disclaimer: If you don’t like your rhyme (ehem, David), suggest a new one. =)) (If you change it, make sure you don’t repeat words or ideas from other shirts. Dapat talaga walang kaparehas. :-j Except Chester&Renz, kasi they’re kambal like that. Still has to rhyme!)

00: Sweet like mangga, Ma’am Kiel Granada.

01: As hot as kape, Enzo Adre.
02: Oh, wow! It’s Domz Albao.
03: Mahal kita, Micah Austria.
04: Nice to meet ya, JI Bautista.
05: Sexy like whoa, Renz Cabanto.
06: You’re the man, Noel Cabauatan.
07: Guess who labs ya, Marj Calabia.
08: Way too rad, Poco Calubad.
09: Fly like an ibon, Gab Dizon.
10: You’re so macho, Terence Dy Echo.
11: You’re so sikat, Dom Ecat.
12: Crispy like lechon, Jethro Jamon.
13: Do what he says, David Ples.
14: Plays like a pro, Nars Preclaro.
15: Pogi like whoa, Chester Ragudo.
16: Ang kyut-kyut mo, Kent Salcedo.
17: Napaka-nerdo, Elihu Sarmiento.
18: He’s really swell, Ancer Villacruel.
19: What’s your flava, J Villanueva?
20: Catch me if you can, Chari Beleran.
21: Go with the flow, Hannah Bernardo.
22: Rock the show, Patty Bonifacio.
23: Let’s have a fiesta, Yvanne Cuesta.
24: You’re the boss, Candy Dacalos.
25: Can’t let go, Regine Deximo.
26: You had me at hello, Claudine Duñgo.
27: Better than leche flan, Golda Labalan.
28: Awesome-r than yo’, Kara Severino. *Sorry, Elise Kara! I forgot to change it.*
29: I’m your #1 fan, Alla Tan.

STUDY FOR ENG + CHEM! LET’S GO HOLY COW!! I can almost taste the twenty points, bebehs. :> =))

Alla Tan. :>
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White Tiger Review Game

Monday, August 17, 2009
David here.

Instead of reviewing, let's play a game. If you know a fact about the White Tiger (place he was born, name of his great grandmother, his driver friends, things he likes to chew on), post a comment here. If you include your name (codes get tiring) you get a brownie point :>

Basically what I'm trying to do here is compensate for my current inability to help you. So we're going to have a kind of forum where everyone can randomly put up a piece of trivia about the White Tiger. In effect, we come up with a collection of facts for tomorrow's test. :D It's peer review. =))

I'll start. Mr. Balram Halwai was originally called Munna, which means boy. He didn't have a real name. :p
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Saturday, August 15, 2009
David here. Starting Monday we are going to implement the Brownie Points system. Basically, it's like Karma. Good deeds give you points. Misbehavior loses you points. At the end of the year, you can redeem these points for prizes (stage one) or possibly even bonuses (stage two, for Math, possibly).

This won't work if you guys aren't willing to participate (which will lose you points). If you know someone who did something good (or bad), please tell us.

The list and the points are as follows.

raise a question in homeroom
make an important announcement
volunteer service for teachers
advanced payment for class funds
extra donation to class funds

attend practices
volunteer service for class
report a special case or issue
approach tutor
join a competition

submit a design or formal suggestion
hold a tutoring session (even if you're not a tutor)
upload a copy of homework or probset (non-officers)
win a competition

Make an unnecessary side comment

fail to follow up on something you volunteered to do
misinform the class
absence from major class function

cause distress to a classmate

anger a teacher
create enmity between sections

receive an IR

The best thing about the list is you don't have to memorize it as if it was a set of cations and anions. Just be good. :D Your officers are watching you, and so is the rest of the class. Even if we're not there...someone else is also making a list of when you've been naughty and nice.
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Yet another HW list.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Here's my present for you. :))

- RRL Map! Brown envelopes. :>
- Capsule proposal due on August 24.

- Sketch the grapsh of the following rational functions. Show complete solution. =]

- Bonus HW! Define a function (may be conditional) where the graph spells Sr. It should have atleast one rational function.

- Writing period on Monday!
- Next reporters (Cabanto, Deximo) will report on Monday, August 24.
- Original short story is due on August 28!

- Giancolli, 5th Ed. Chapter Muntik niyo na akong katayin dahil sa lintik na figures na yan. :))

5. (II) Graphically determine the resultant of the following three vector displacements: (1) 24 m, 30° north of east; (2) 28 m, 37° east of north; and (3) 20 m, 50° west of south.

31 m, 44° N of E

7. (II) Figure 3-33 shows two vectors, A and B, whose magnitudes are A = 8.31 units and B = 5.55 units. Determine C if (a) C = A + B, (b) C = À – B, (c) C = B – A. Give the magnitude and direction for each.

(a) 2.76 in the +x-direction; (b) 13.86 in the +x-direction; (c) 13.86 in the -x-direction

9. An airplane is traveling 785 km/h in a direction 38.5° west of north. (a) Find the components of the velocity vector in the northerly and westerly directions. (b) How far north and how far west has the plane traveled after 3.00 h?

(a) 614 km/h, 489 km/h; (b) 1.84 x 10^3 km, 1.47 x 10^3 km

11. (II) Three vectors are shown in Fig. 3-35. Their magnitudes are given in arbitrary units: Determine the sum of the three vectors. Give the resultant in terms of (a) components, (b) magnitude and angle with x axis.

(a) 35.9, 17.3; (b) 39.9, 25.8° above the +x axis

- I'll put the graphs and figures later. :P
- WORKSHEET! It's just one page, back-to-back.

- Long test on WHITE TIGER on AUGUST 18. This is the next level in the tournament and you get plus/minus points for your group depending on your score! The highest will get +20 more points. Give it to Nirvana, please. We're waaaaaay behind. XDD

- I was daydreaming kanina.
- Longtest is on August 25!

- Longtest on Monday about everything we discussed related to reactions.
- I died again on the probset. <_<

Other news
- No classes on Wednesday (QC day) and Friday (Ninoy Aquino day)!
- CREATIVE TEAM! We want your design on David/Alla's email by today tomorrow! Or else. *David's glare*
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Officers Meeting (Aug 13)

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Hey guys. David here. After our make-up math class, the officers had a meeting. I just thought you should know what's up.

1. Class shirt - since no one is submitting designs for the Strontium shirt, I've assigned a five person creative team to conceptualize. Patty, Claud, Adre, Ancer, and Reg are in charge of figuring out the colors, style, and design for the shirt. Their work is due this weekend. Wish them luck, or better yet, give them suggestions.

2. Tutors - I'll be getting the complete list by this weekend to post here, so you know who to approach. We're getting our class standing at the end of the first half of this ridiculous semester, but we'd better get ahead of the game. Tutors, in case you are reading this please know that it might become necessary for you to hold sessions after Chem on Thursdays.

3. Funds - magbayad na. Micah has been keeping a good list of expenses so far, so at the end of the month we can look into that.

4. Buddy system - medyo mahirap pa 'to ayusin. We have to incorporate this into the tutoring groups.

5. Brownie points - these will come into effect on monday, when i've finished the chart and list.

6. Caf Shifts - I've asked the Coop and they agreed to let us do whatever we want with their tables. Our signs will be laid out on the tables next week in laminate. We're going to have a different theme per month. If you have a suggestion for the bland month of August, we're all ears.

7. Class locker - remember, this is already up and working. #471, near the chem unit. Ask the officers to open it for you. Supplies to be added.

8. Birthdays - every second friday of the month, we are going to (this is a class decree by maam kiel herself) eat lunch together as a class in order to honor all the celebrants for that month. di pa sure venue, although halos sigurado nang caf or backlob. this starts tomorrow for our 6 celebrants (domz, poco, patty, renz, chester, and reg).
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Because we're all Psycho

Saturday, August 08, 2009
Hey Strontium. We should come up with a name for ourselves. Strontiumites? Strontiumators? Strontiumen?

Anyway, starting next week we'll have to take some PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTS. Paano yan, patay sila sa amin ni JI at Ancer. Di kaya nung mga test na un ung pagkaRetarded namin. Hahaha.

Getting back on track, these are the dates and times for testing. Venue is not given.

AUGUST 12 (wednesday) - 1:40 to 2:30 (break period)
AUGUST 13 (thursday) - 3:20 to 4:10 (dismissed na tayo dapat nun eh T_T oh well. kasama ang sodium dito. :-")

AUGUST 25 (tuesday) - 1:40 to 3:20 (break after pe, and then math)

SEPTEMBER 8 (tuesday) - 1:40 to 3:20 (break after pe, and then math)

So start adjusting your cramming schedules :)) Mag-aral nang mabuti XD
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Takda para sa susunod na linggo.

Friday, August 07, 2009

- Homework about the reaction experiment demonstrated a few hours ago.
- Take note of the experiment reactants and its properties; the outcome of the reaction and the time it took for it to react.
- Predict the products of the reaction
- Write the balanced chemical reaction

1.) CuSO4 aq + Fe
2.) Pb (NO3)2 + KI
3.) HClaq + Mg
4.) CuSO4 • 5H2O + heat; + water
5.) H2O2 + heat

- Long quiz about Roots of Polynomials

- Long test, siguro. D:
- Be prepared nalang.

- Capsule proposal due on August 24!
- It's the same format as the project brief, except this time, it's per group. :>
- If you haven't read the email sent by Ma'am Chupungco yet, do so now.

- Patty and Micah will be presenting on Monday. :>
- Written report is due on August 28/29.

- Animation/game due on TUESDAY. Email or submit to the CS unit by 4 pm (?).

- Reaction paper to the film, due on Tuesday. :>

1.) What are the manifestations of Egypt's "obsession" with immortality? What, for them, is the meaning of immortality?

2.) Why is Egypt called "the gift of the Nile"? How is the Nile linked to the Egyptians' concept of the afterlife?

3.) Name the reasons why Egypt is unique compared to other civilizations.

4.) How is Egypt comparable with or similar to other Ancient Civilizations?

- Write on a 4x4 yellow cartolina (or anything sturdy) paper your answer to the question: How do I find myself in Cory and how can Cory live inside me? This is due on FRIDAY.

- Pig's heart dissection! D:
- Prelab is due on Monday.
- Each group needs to provide his own fresh pig's heart. >_<

Other news!
- Shirt design, people! :D
- Martialla law is in effect. :
Presidential Decree No. 1 - Every mura (sh*t, p*ta, f*ck) earns you a kurot by her mightiness.

Presidential Decree No. 2 - No use of codenames in chatbox! Pero everyone's doing it.
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RIP, Cory. :(

Tuesday, August 04, 2009
*insert sentimental dramatic post here*

Anyway! Homeworks, as requested by Poco. xp

- Read about the Incense in the Lab, and Karma. :>
- Game/Video project. line is on Tuesday, August 11!

- Long test, according to the board. I guess it's about FBDs and Newton's Laws and the always present Sigfigs.

- Kakagaling lang ng long test eh.
- CLICK HERE. Do the activity and arrange the substances in order of decreasing reactivity. Choose a partner and submit the output in a piece of paper.

- Quiz about Digestion.
- Mindmaps on manila paper!

- BERNARDO and ALBAO will present on Friday.
- The written report is due on August 28.

- Makabayan Challenge! There are guidelines on Ma'am site.

- In a 1/2 cross-wise, find the zeroes of x5 + 2x4 - 13x3 - 14x2 + 24x using Descartes, Synthetic Division and FTA. :>

- Skits, people! Remember your groupmates and topics and presentation order. :>

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Read 'Em and Weep

Monday, August 03, 2009

AS OF AUGUST 08, 2009. 7:24 PM.

1. Adre
a. Isang Recess (Enrico C. Torralba)
b. Liwanag sa Dilim (Eric J. Borras)

2. Albao

3. Austria
a. Ang Magkaibigan
b. Nang Magpaligsahan ang Hangin at ang Araw
c. Ang Sinungaling na Bata

4. Bautista
a. Papasko kay Aling Andang (Lualhati Bautista)
b. Apat na Kwento ng Pag-ibig (Lualhati Bautista)
c. Ang Alkansiya ni Tonyo (Lualhati Bautista)

5. Cabanto

6. Cabauatan
a. Ang Hunsoy (Marcel Navarra)
b. Galing Ata sa Abroad Yan (Leopoldo Gonzalez)

7. Calabia
a. Nasa Dugo ni Tana (Pedro S. Dandan)
b. Isang Saglit, Munting Ibon (Genoveva Edroza Matute)
c. Babae, Langsangan, at Takipsilim (Genoveva Edroza Matute)

8. Calubad
9. Dizon

10. Dy Echo
a. Hindi Pa Huli ang Lahat (Alma Dayag)
b. Adok (Ariel Marasigan)
c. ‘Sang Bungkos ng Ngiti (Ariel Marasigan)

11. Ecat
12. Jamon

13. Ples
a. Dalawang Metro sa Lupang Di Malipad ng Uwak (Amado V. Hernandez)
b. Ipinanganak ang Isang Kaaway ng Sosyedad (Amado V. Hernandez)

14. Preclaro
a. Kinagisnang Balon (Andres Cristobal Cruz)
b. Nagmamadali ang Maynila (Serafin Guinigundo)
c. Sa Bagong Paraiso (Efren Abueg)

15. Ragudo
a. Magpinsan (Amado V. Hernandez)
b. Limang Alas Tatlong Santo (Amado V. Hernandez)

16. Salcedo
a. Bangkang Papel (Genoveva Edrosa Matute)
b. Sa Bawat Sawing Pag-asa (Genoveva Edrosa Matute)

17. Sarmiento

18. Villacruel
a. Ang Brahman at ang Tigre (Pablo M. Cuasay)
b. Banyaga (Liwayway A. Arceo)
c. Ang Bilanggo (Rogelio R. Sicat)

19. Villanueva

20. Beleran
a. Bakya (Hernando Ocampo)
b. Pambabago (Genoveva Edrosa Matute)
c. Parusa (Genoveva Edrosa Matute)

21. Bernardo
a. Hakbang sa Kalawakan (Geneveva Edroza Matute)
b. Paglalayag…sa puso ng isang bato (Geneveva Edroza Matute)
c. Tata More (Geneveva Edroza Matute)

22. Bonifacio
a. Sa’n Ang Lakad Mo Ngayon, Ma? (Liwayway Arceo)
b. Ikaw Pala, Mrs. Brown…Kamusta? (Liwayway Arceo)
c. Araw ng Mga Buldosa at Dapithapon ng Isang Bangkang Papel sa Buhay ni Ato (Jun Cruz Reyes)

23. Cuesta

24. Dacalos
a. Tatlong Kwento sa Buhay ni Julian Candelabra (Lualhati Bautista-dela Cruz)
b. Kwento ng Isang Sisiw (Jesus A. Arceo)

25. Deximo
a. Pluma (Ingrid Alecxis Bronte)
b. Iskwater (Dexter Gregorio)
c. Kuwatro Oras (Alice Mallari)

26. Duñgo
a. Lokohan sa Langit (Severino Reyes)
b. Ang Prinsipeng Masakitin (Severino Reyes)

27. Labalan
a. Si Pinky, si Tsinita, si Rita Ritz, at si Barbie (Simplicio P. Bisa)
b. Kayumangging Mumunting Kano (Teo S. Baylen)
c. Buhay (Mari Lina P. Villa)

28. Severino
a. Hari ng Tatlong Hari (Severino Reyes)
b. Si Ama (Edgardo M. Reyes)
c. Impeng Negro (Rogelio A. Sikat)

29. Tan
a. Ang Sirena sa Uli-Uli ng Ilog Pasig (Severino Reyes)
b. Ang Dalagang Bukid na Naging Princesa (Severino Reyes)
c. Ang Walong Bulag (Severino Reyes)

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All about Fil!

Saturday, August 01, 2009
Fixing this.

Pick three (3) short stories and submit the Title and Author to David Ples (09062720141,, YM: soul_geyser). You will do a written report, oral report, and a storytelling on three different stories. One story per requirement. This is a first come, first serve basis.

Written and Oral reports should include:

Book source
Publication Date
Why you liked/didn't like the story
Technicalities (Conflict, main character, tense, theme, etc. etc.)

The written report is due on August 28.

There should be no props nor costumes on your storytelling. It's just you and your voice.

Oral Report and Storytelling is due on your presentation date. Starting Monday, one boy and one girl will do their presentations. The rest (alphabetical) will follow every meeting after that. (ie. Monday - Adre, Beleran; Next meeting - Albao, Bernardo; and so on..)

Your own short story is due a week before Perio, or September 30.
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